Mancuso Family’s ice-cream making tradition has its roots in Liverpool in 1950s, where its founder, Vincenzo Mancuso, started his first industry for the production of ice cream. In 1980 the family Mancuso decided to return to its origins, starting the production in Italy and thus creating an industry which, after a few years, became a large business thanks to the success of its products. 

The company offers a wide selection of flavours and packaging solutions.

Fundamental mission of Mancuso Group is to offer products with excellent taste and quality, drawing inspiration from the traditions of the Sicilian territory and raw materials, according to criteria of environmental sustainability.


The Packaging evolution. Ecologic, re-useable in a thousand ways the “Burnìe”, glass jars, are an authentic revolution in the way of addressing to the customer. 

Obviously with the highest level of quality.

Triple chocolat


Sicilian lemon



A comfortable format that contains all the genuineness and sweetness of Mancuso ice cream: from the classic flavors to the most typical and appreciated ones such as pistachio, and Sicilian lemon.

From the best raw materials, selected with care and attention, this ice cream is born in a jar, to be enjoyed alone or in company.




Caramel cookie crunch

Healthy lines

The great attention to the consumers who suffer from food intolerances or have special dietary needs led the company to launch healthy lines of vegan, organic and sugar free ice cream.

Organic Strawberry ice cream

Sugar free ice cream

Vegan ice cream truffle

Sugar free ice cream cone