For more than 30 years now, Pagef has been a consolidated reality in the production of Sicilian cannoli and semi-finished products for confectionery. The company started in Modica in 1990 and immediately stood out for the high quality of its products, as well as for the reliability of the production processes used.

The jewel in their crown is the Sicilian cannolo. Easy to fill, unmistakable for its fragrance and the crunchiness of its wafer, it is also available with a delicious inner chocolate icing.

Cannolo shells, wafers, tarts, baba, biscuits and PGI Modica Chocolate: an assortment of delicacies and old-fashioned tastes distributed in the domestic and foreign markets.

Cannolo shells

Cannolo is the typical Sicilian dessert famous worldwide that consists of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough filled with a sweet, creamy filling of ricotta; ideal to be eaten at breakfast, as dessert at the end of the meals or as a sweet snack.

The crunchiness of shells is guaranteed for the whole shelf life. Shells are available plain and with chocolate inner icing in different sizes (from micro to maxi) for both Retail and Food Service.

Mignon cannolo

Maxi cannolo

Medium cannolo

Cannolo with chocolate icing

Just Cannoli

Just Cannoli is a kit that contains 12 plain cannolo shells and sweet ricotta cream, a blend of cow’s milk and sheep’s milk made according to the Sicilian tradition. The ricotta cream is packed in a sac-à-poche to stuff the cannolo shells just before the consumption.

Just Cannoli

PGI Modica Chocolate

Modica chocolate is a Sicilian specialty chocolate characterized by an ancient and original recipe using manual grinding (rather than conching), which gives the chocolate a peculiar grainy texture and aromatic flavor. 

Modica PGI chocolate is the first cocoa-based product to be awarded geographical recognition in 2018. Available in 100 gr bars with several flavours.

Modica chocolate

Modica chocolate with citrus fruits

Modica chocolate with vanilla

Modica chocolate with cinnamon

Modica chocolate with chili pepper