Pasticceria Fraccaro was founded in 1932 when Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro founded a bakery within the medieval walls of Castelfranco, beginning a confectionery tradition destined to become famous.

The company’s success was built on a fundamental ingredient: skillful and precise methods of processing dough and recipes. 

The company continued to work following this principle even if the products range was widening: Pasticceria Fraccaro products are still made in a completely artisanal way. While some processing phases have been automated, manual and handcrafted attention continues to predominate throughout production.

Making all of their product wrappers recyclable is one of the sustainability projects the company has implemented as a concrete expression of their commitment to the environment.

Christmas line

Panettone – The Christmas cake par excellence made according to the ancient traditional Milanese recipe. Classic or enriched with delicious fillings, both conventional and organic, the sourdough is the essential ingredient whose numerous benefits include improved digestibility and greater availability.

Classic Panettone

Panettone with Pistachio

Panettone with Almonds

Organic Panettone with Treviso Sparkling Wine


Gluten free Panettone

Easter line

The Colomba, which means “dove” in Italian, symbolises peace. At Easter, it becomes a fragrant cake topped with icing and almonds, an artisanal sourdough delicacy that appears every year at this time. Classic or enriched with delicious fillings, both conventional and organic.

Classic Colomba

Organic Colomba with Chocolate Chips

Chocolate and Pear Colomba

Croissants and sweet rolls

Croissants and sweet rolls, with and without filling, some are vegan, but all are organic. 

Big flavours in small sweets, treats to enjoy and to start every day off right. For breakfast or as an afternoon break, Pasticceria Fraccaro has snacks that are naturally leavened for more than 12 hours using only sourdough starter.

Organic Classic Croissant

Organic Sweet Rolls with Chocolate Chips

Organic Vegan Emmer Croissant and Apricots